--Follow basic rules of 'netiquette'. No flame wars, thread hijacking or excessive coarse language. Try also to post threads in the correct sections, ask if you have any doubts.

--Discussions on contentious issues are to be avoided. There are places to discuss subjects like politics and religion, but this is not one of them. If the reason we gather online is to play and discuss computer games, discussions like these will generally do more long term harm than good.

--No elitism or belittling of other members based on their game play or skill level. Skill in a computer game does not grant someone exclusives rights over others.

--No verbal abuse or threats. Trash talking and friendly rivalry is a given in video games, but if you get involved, make sure it is reciprocal.

--No recognized forms of hate speech. We have a very low threshold of tolerance towards bigotry of any kind.

Should we receive complaints about any of the above, the situation will be discussed as constructively as possible but if need be, appropriate action will be taken.
Where applicable, all of the above also relate to your behavior in game - when you wear the GAM tag, you are representing us as well as yourself.

--Website activity is required. We all have lives outside of gaming, so we don't expect you to be on every day. However, we are not a clan that gives out membership just so someone can have a tag in front of your name. We want to get to know the members of our clan.

If you have not logged onto the site for 30 days and made a post, your account will be labelled as 'Burnt'. This removes your forum access. After another 30 days without logging on and posting, your account will be deleted from the site. These steps are mainly there to make the housekeeping easier at our end. It's not a statement against you and it is easily reversible. Many long standing and valued members of CPG have been burnt at least once.

'Un-Burning' yourself is a simple matter of logging back on and asking to be reinstated. Should your account lapse, you are always welcome to return. You'll just need to fill out a new application. Ideally, you should let us know if you will be inactive for a lengthy period of time. That way we can ensure that your account is not removed.

--One Clan Policy We request that all members not join another clan for games that we support. If this clan has a clan representation in a game we ask that you wear our tags and participate with our/your clan. If you want to experience a clan supported game with another clan we ask that you be removed from member status and placed into "friend" or "on leave" status. This also applies to games with built in clan systems like Battlelog or Social Club. If you are part of another clan we ask that you also refrain from recruiting members to join that clan or website. 

These rules are in place to maintain the stability of the clan and make sure that our members have an active player base to interact with. All of these rules apply to each member in game, on the website, on the instant message system, and any website that you are represented as a member of Couch Potato Gamers on. If you have any questions or concerns please ask an admin or game leader to clarify the rule.

Thank you,
Couch Potato Gamers